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The Pawfect Blog

by margaret myler October 31, 2022 3 min read

The Pawfect Blog
The Pawfect Blog, by Margaret Myler
Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my first Pawfect Blog - This will be done in three segments.
Firstly, the most common questions that people ask about our beautiful sofas.
Secondly some observations that I made in my previous business, Precious Paws Pet Hotel. 
Thirdly a news update - So Enjoy!

The most common question that I am asked...."How do I measure my dog for a sofa?”

- On our website we have a section covering this, however, for a quick and easy way, this can also be done when your dog is in their favourite resting position, be it in their own bed or on your couch.

Simply use a tape measure to measure them.
Below is a picture of my own dog Charlie (a reluctant assistant) in this photo as he actually prefers to sit on his own little sofa instead of mine! Thank God!)
 I have placed the measuring tape across the front of him, also allowing extra, giving him room to stretch out.  - This can also be done while they are in their own bed too. And please remember our sofas are also deep. Charlie's own sofa is Medium size and the cushion measurements in inches are 24" x 19" But feel free to contact us if you have any issues measuring your dog.
For what it's worth - In my previous business
I cared for dogs overnight for 13 years. In this time
I made a lot of observations, that I would like to share.
Before I do that, I would like to add a disclaimer....


"I am not a trained animal behaviorist, a pet nutritionist, or a vet. These are purely my OWN observations in thirteen years of experience."


So Let Me Begin....

 I always encouraged owners to bring their own food, to keep the dog on the same food that they were used to, as this was better for their system. But one thing I noticed, was, that the dogs who came with coloured nuts, were reluctant to eat them. (I’m talking about the nuts, that are coloured red and green, to look like vegetables.)
The same dogs showed eagerness to eat, when they knew they were going to be fed, but when given the nuts, were hesitant, and often picked out the red and green nuts, and left them on the floor. I sometimes felt that they just ate them because they were hungry. 
I know, other nuts are coloured beige/brown, but I feel, the less colour added, the better. I also used to feed my dogs these nuts a long time ago, without giving it much thought. There are other nuts on the market, in the same price range, without these colours.
I have included two links explaining the dangers of these nuts, but maybe our dogs have been telling us this all along, and now might be the time to listen to them!


 And Finally. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

We were delighted to see our beautiful sofas making an appearance on Nationwide. We would like to thank Blathnaid, Susanne and Brian for coming to visit us .

 Until next time !

Margaret Myler  🙂


margaret myler
margaret myler

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