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  Trying to measure your dog correctly can be a daunting task so I have included the following information to help you with this. There are two different ways . 

Firstly the simplest way. . . 

I have also included this method as it will also give an indication of the size if the dog needs to stretch out


Step 1 -  Sizing

Firstly decide what size suits your pet - To do this, when they are standing in the upright position, measure from the tip of their nose to the BASE of their tail...
This will give you their length. Then measure from shoulder to shoulder, at the widest point, this will give you, their width. Even if they curl up when sleeping, it is always best to give them a little extra room to stretch, if they get too hot, or extra room, if they just want to sit and chew their favorite toy, but you know your pet best.

Step 2 - Colour and Style 

Secondly decide what colour and style suits you?
This can be your favorite colour, or to suit your interior.  This will be a personal choice. Please keep in mind, that even though we do our best to get the colour accurate in our pictures, the colour that you see, willdepend on the monitor on your laptop, or phone. However, as we would like you to be extremely happy with your choice.. 
If you pay for it, and on collection, it is not the colour that you thought, you can either choose another product, have your money refunded, or get store credit. (We can only do this for people collecting the product from our showroom) 

Step 3 -  Measurements 

Finally when you decide on These style and colour, check out our measurement guide below, to see what size suits your pet. There are two measurements to take into consideration, external and internal. 
The external measurements are the “outside” measurements, that will determine, if the sofa fits the place of your choosing -  however our sofas can go anywhere in the room and still look beautiful, wherever they are positioned.
The internal measurements are the “inside” and most important, as they are the seating/cushion area-  where your pet will sleep
If you have any questions please leave us a message on our contact page ..

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